We are your best choice when researching lawyers in Costa Rica. Whether its for a civil, corporate, criminal or real estate issue, we've got you covered! All our lawyers speak English/Spanish to better serve our clients.

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Have you found yourself in need of a Costa Rica lawyer? An English speaking lawyer in Costa Rica? One that you can trust and rely upon to look after your best interests? Well you've come to the right place (site)...

Costa Rica Lawyer Firm started from a growing need amongst foreigners here who've found it difficult to not only find a lawyer they can speak to in English but also one they can trust. The reality is Costa Rica, like many countries, has corruption. And unfortunately corruption runs rampant throughout the entire legal power structure of Costa Rica. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that should you find yourself in the unfortunate position whereas you need a Costa Rica lawyer to represent you, we're here to help.

Costa Rica Lawyer Firm works with only the best lawyers in Costa Rica. We've done our homework and we choose to only work with attorneys who get results. Attorneys who you can depend on. We believe communication is the key to any successful relationship and that is especially the case here where the primary language spoken is Spanish. Let's face it, there's no shortage of Spanish only speaking lawyers willing to take your money despite the fact you, nor them for that matter, will communicate very well. In all legal matters, no matter the country, understanding your attorney is crucial.

Our English speaking Costa Rica lawyers cover a wide range of legal services including immigration law, corporate law, environmental law, civil and criminal law, labor law and how could we forget, real estate lawyers. Actually one of most popular is with regards to retirement in Costa Rica. Having a competent Costa Rica immigration lawyer can mean the difference of waiting months to years. Our Costa Rica immigration lawyers focus on getting you your residency in as little time necessary so you can get on with enjoying your retirement in paradise.

In Costa Rica it is very common for real estate investors - IE: buying or building your home - to put their home and property in to a corporation. This too requires a skilled and experience attorney who understands not only real estate law but also corporate law to ensure your life investment is safe. Costa Rica lawyers are required by law to follow strict pricing guidelines outlined by the government. However it is also important to understand that although there are minimum rates there is "no maximum" which means when you are shopping around for a good Costa Rica lawyer, that you also dont get price gouged. Our attorneys all follow the given pricing outlined by the government and are priced fairly given the quality of service they offer. We also offer referral fees to anyone recommending our attorney which leads to an active case. Please inquire about our referral program.



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we are a tight group of legal professionals whom felt there was a gap in the market in costa rica to help serve both locals and foreigners alike

At the Costa Rica Lawyer Firm we know how difficult it can be to find a reliable and trustworthy attorney in Costa Rica. So we've taken away the risk and pre-screened only the best lawyers in Costa Rica and have aligned ourselves with them in order to provide a service not previously seen before in the country. With over 15 years experience navigating this complex legal system, we've got a keen sense of what foreigners are looking for when searching for the best Costa Rica lawyer to represent them.

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Civil law in Costa Rica is our most popular given the almost anything you do in Costa Rica requires a civil lawyer including buying or selling a car or real estate.


Our Costa Rica criminal lawyers are ready to help should you require the services of an English speaking Costa Rica criminal lawyer. Contact us today and we'll get you set up!


Another popular type of attorney here is the Costa Rica lawyer who specializes in corporate law. Most foreign investors utilize Costa Rica corporations to shelter investment.


With rising interest in living and/or retirement in Costa Rica, we are seeing a growing need for English speaking Costa Rica real estate lawyers who can ensure a smooth transition to your investment interests in Costa Rica.


A relatively niche attorney is our Costa Rica environmental lawyers. These attorneys specialize in helping clients navigate the maze of legalities in this extreme eco-friendly country. Normally environment lawyers are utilized most by developers.


Everyone needs a reliable, honesty personal lawyer. Costa Rica is no exception. In fact is almost a necessity here to retain access to a personal Costa Rica attorney granted you need one for almost every aspect of life here.

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